Made Man Clothing

Bikers, trainers and neutrals

As a fashion obsessed team, we are so excited for this season's khakis, greys and creams...this is the colour combo for Spring/Summer 2017, no doubt! Some guys shy away from mixing colours as they feel more comfortable wearing blacks with only one other colour. They play it safe!

We are here to tell you it's time to mix your colours! If you ooze confidence, you can pull off anything... We are here to show you how and what to wear.

We have put our leather khaki biker jacket with a beige hoody and a cream t-shirt. We've teamed this look with our grey slim fit jeans. Khaki compliments grey as do other colours but this is definitely an outfit not worn by many.

As our team are trainer addicts, we teamed our whole outfit with these beautiful Nike Air Jordan 4 Premium Snakeskin trainers to complete the whole look.

We have many customers wanting to look different and we, as a store, do encourage to show that everyone is unique.
As spring is heading our way, try something different, try wearing something lighter than black ;)

Made Man London