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Are jogging bottoms the new skinny jeans?

We read an interesting article about this online and thought, wow! This is really the change in men's fashion. The smart tracksuits are becoming huge in the fashion industry. Teamed up with smart shirts and smart trainers, this is something that is definitely on trend now.

With fashion constantly changing (quicker than we change our trainers here which is often), we are constantly researching what people are wearing and what is hot in the industry.

With Men's Fashion Week recently, the designers styled models with joggers and chelsea boots. When you put it in writing, it doesn't sound trendy. In fact, it kinda sounds wrong but let us tell you that it actually rocked and was very popular.

Now in the entertainment industry, we are seeing more and more men style in joggers with a smart look. Below you can see Tinie Tempah with a smart shirt and cuffed jogging bottoms with slip ons. It drops really well. We have started to stock this style in Thom Krom and it has already been extremely popular especially amongst our football clientele.

Tinie Tempah also manages to make the casual look extra stylish with his jogging bottoms with a long line tee and a khaki bomber. His style is always on point!

The full tracksuit returning to the scene was only down to a matter of time. Now it's all about comfort with style. Even the jeans are turning into "jogger jeans" for Diesel and Replay have Hyperflex with soft jean material being the most popular jean in the store to date.

Velour has also made a big comeback. It was the most popular tracksuit at one point and then it faded. Blood Brother have amazed us with this beautiful and soft tracksuit set which we are absolutely loving right now. Available in store with different colours, we are obsessed.

Also not shying away from colours, the khaki tracksuit set with a khaki coat really works. It all depends on how you wear it. Drop a cool cap, a nice tracksuit set, a nice fur hooded coat and trainers, you got your look.

Our personal stylists are always on point when it comes to the trendy looks.

So guys, what's it going to be? Want to drop the smart casual look? Pop in to check out our newbies we are currently loving in store today!

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